Jill, Owner of Happy Tails Mobile Dog Salon

About Me

Happy Tails Mobile Dog Salon is owned and operated by Jill Young. Building on a lifetime love of dogs of all sorts, she has nearly a decade of professional experience working with dogs.


Jill began her professional career working at a local veterinarian's office following her graduation from Binghmaton University. A student of biology and anthropology, Jill has always found an interest in all kinds of animals. After moving to Charlotte, Jill found her calling while apprenticing at a local dog grooming business. Following her apprenticeship, Jill moved on to become a seasoned groomer while working at one of Charlotte's busiest grooming shops.

After more than 7 years of servicing happy clients, Jill decided to pursue her dream of operating her own business. Her vision is to build upon her previous experience working at other area shops to create a more personalized grooming experience. Thus creating Happy Tails Mobile Dog Salon.